Wednesday, 14 September 2011

New Penny Stock Alerts for Traders

Penny stock investing recently draws a lot of attentions from traders as it is quite a safe choice for many people. They don’t need to have a huge amount of money to put in penny stock investing. To some people, playing with stocks is no different compare to playing gamble. But gambling always has its own attraction. That’s why so many people want to jump in but they are still wondering about what stocks to buy, losing or earning, good stock picks and stuff like that. That’s why for people with small budget, they prefer to start with penny stock investing as it is known affordable and less dangerous.

Good tips and advices for them are always available. Now the market is kind of open for everybody to join in as by that way they can call a big amount of capital going around. Someone must be benefited in the game. One of the good offers they can look into is the penny stock alerts. Penny stock alerts are indeed a fundamental method to keep track of the markets. Penny stocks traders will find everything they need here. Penny stocks news is on the go. They can get themselves updated very fast by penny stock alerts. Some services of penny stocks will be free of charge while some of the others will cost you some fees. That your choice to go for it or not. They will surely give you a good penny stock picks list every day for your references. Stock picks are quite a healthy choice or beginners to follow but of course not everyone will win with those selections.

Penny stocks are just like the other stock which will be updated continuously before you get aware of the changes. They can also subscribe themselves to many websites and newsletters to have to good look on the market. After the stocks to buy problems are sold, they also have a lot thing to work on to be a good trader. However, the penny stock alerts are what they can count on a little bit from what stocks to buy and other things as well. Recently penny stock alerts are everywhere for those who need it in which they can find good recommendations, forecasts, trends and good tips to keep in touch with everything. That’s why they will bring some benefit for those who really take a good use of them.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Should I go for Penny Stock Investing?

A lot of my friends are on penny stock investing right now. Some are making a little profit on that, some are still holding, some is losing a little bit, not much. May be I should give it a try.

From what I know, the value of penny stocks is not very high, quite affordable for me. I have some resting money in the bank and I just left it there after some efforts and brainstorming what business I should start. In my case, penny stock investing is not bad at all. First thing I won’t be in big debt or totally broke down by playing this; at least I’m supposed to know them way not to lose everything. I also know how to start.

Even so, to play with penny stocks, I definitely need some good insights about what’s going on in the penny stocks market. That I could find easily on some websites about penny stocks or I can get it from penny stock alerts. Well, I’ve found penny stock alerts quite useful for me. They have all information I need to play with the game. My friends are also using penny stock alerts for their own sake.

Some of my friends gave me a good advice on what stocks to buy and introduce me with some good source offering good stock picks. I told that I could make stock picks myself but they said I would better not to do this as a beginner. Some experts out there are offering very good stock picks reviews and I should follow it at least for the first time. I’m good with it. What stocks to buy problems are causing headache for a lot of people so I should follow my friend’s advices.

Now I’m through with the stocks to buy and I will start my own game quite soon. I don’t dream big for a huge return, I just hope to earn some more income for my family so I will be very careful, watching closely to the market, keep track of the timing and make a good decision. I just want a healthy game and I will be out of this if I find it too risky. Hope that I will not be addicted to the game and lose everything. Of course I will not lose everything since my wife is keep our main running budget and she won’t let me destroy everything for sure. Anyway, the penny stock investing is worth to try.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Good Advices on Penny Stock Investing

I have been in the stocks market for a while and I am quite happy right now. Luckily enough, I earned some interests, not much but I’m ok with it. If things continue like this, it is just more than perfect. It’s just like you pay some efforts, learn a little bit about new things for a part-time job and earn a little more extra income. My goal is simple, isn’t it?
I didn’t have a very smooth start back then when I first joined in penny stock investing. Of course it is penny stocks trading, I am not wealthy enough to begin with some top stocks or hot stocks. I was also wondering a lot about which stocks to buy. I know a little bit about penny stocks market but actually I’m just a totally new comer. So I’d better be careful and a low start would be a good choice. I got the idea of penny stock investing from my friends who are already in for a while before me, most of them are doing well at the moment. They have to tell me how to do things from the very first steps. I am also a good learner. I get used to everything quite fast. They got me some penny stock alerts from some websites. These penny stock alerts are quite good, very useful for a learning trader like me. My friends also take a good use of penny stock alerts to follow the situation of their stocks on the market.

Which stocks to buy was really a problem to me back then, I was all confused with a lot of them. I saw some stock picks on some websites and newspapers but I didn’t know if I could trust them or not. One of my friends who is quite experienced in trading penny stocks told me some good stock picks. It was kind of the same with some experts’ recommended stock picks but it was good. I thought I did a good choice when trusting my friend. I’m doing quite well right now, buying and selling. Sometimes I made a bad choice but I am still on the game and I have to accept that losing money sometimes is a must in this game. However, I now can give some of my friends who are new with penny stock investing good advices about which stocks to buy.

Friday, 12 August 2011

The Penny Stock Market Is Always a Hot Topic of Discussion

Madmoneyalerts is a penny stock newsletter committed to covering the small cap market space including Pink Sheets and OTC Bulletin Board stocks. We strive to provide you with the best penny stock alerts in the market! We focus on providing timely stocks picks and alerts. Our goal is to inform you of the HOTTEST penny stocks in the market before they move. Our staff has years experience in the stock market, and we are confident that you’ll be impressed with the results of our stock picks!

The penny stock market is always a hot topic of discussion, and everyone always wants to become the next penny stock investing millionaire. We sends out its penny stock picks with a different philosophy. Instead of trying to hit homeruns like all the other penny stock newsletters .It believes in hitting one single after the other.

Instead of being a penny stock chaser, It provides the information necessary to get in ahead of the crowd. Penny Stocks are very volatile and can make huge quick price movements, both up and down, so it is very important to get in before the rest of the crowd. This methodology has the potential to uncover enormous gains in the stock market today! It’s mission is to provide its subscribers and investor relations clients with the best information possible to make educated and profitable penny stock decisions.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


The penny stock market has become one of the most intriguing investment types. In fact, with so much volatility and uncertainty in the markets and with growing financial crises overseas it’s easily argued that now is the perfect time to invest in vehicles that have less downside potential.

So, what causes the price of a stock to move? Why is a stock so volatile on some days? Let’s look at some two factors that affect stock price and how you can use this reasoning to make stocks to buy and sell decisions.

Breakout News – Top penny stocks can see some huge activity, if the market anticipates a potential merger or signs a letter of intent to acquire a business. Once a deal is announced, the hot stock of the day generally, sees a large price increase. A company’s expansion into new markets may also have an impact a stock’s price, making it a definite stock to watch!

The Economy as a Whole- The release of economic data such as GDP, unemployment numbers, retail sales figures, consumer confidence etc will also have an impact on a penny stock alerts. For example, if there is a release of weak data for sales in a particular month for a particular industry, all stocks in this industry will likely experience a decrease once the announcement is made.

Although large cap stocks are affected by these factors also, they seldom have the ability to double or triple within a short period of time, if at all. Hot penny stocks can make insane percentage increases in a matter of days or even within one trading session! It is far much easier for a penny stock trading at five cents to double to ten cents than it is for a stock trading at $10 to increase its share price to $20. Penny stock traders and investors understand the gains that can be had by researching penny stocks that would otherwise not be obtainable by trading only large cap stocks.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Right Justice On Penny Stocks Market to Explore in Global Environment

With world markets slowly recovering from the recent crisis, Penny Stock investing in stock market is back, people have once again starting looking towards stick market once again. Making money through stock exchanges is considered a well ventured option.  The excitement is back, people who have good knowledge about the stocks to buy have once again starting investment in Penny stocks. In the stock market the term used for these stocks where the publicity about the trading company is very low, with the result these stocks are low priced.

Penny Stocks traded directly between two parties through the system commonly known as the over the counter or off exchange trading. The entire process is performed via over the counter bulletin board or pink sheets quotation procedure. Though the risk is very high and it depends upon the investor how much risk is acceptable. Sometimes some picks can change the entire fortune of the investor, but in some cases the entire investment disappears. This happens in absence of any research and proper planning. People who are experts spend months together to chase the stocks, their movements and rise and fall of the prices.

There are many ways to judge the Penny Stock Alerts, the number of shares traded in a day, the behavior history of the share for the last three months, listing in the major stock exchange. All these stocks are not a bad pick, but it depends upon the smart investor which one to pick and which one to ignore. If someone is after you and is insisting about a particular stock, you must straightaway refuse to buy; there are many so called brokers whose livelihood depends upon such hype and rumors. There are many people who have lost their entire investment by coming under the influence of such individuals and dubious financial institutes.

People, generally come under the influence of attractive advertisements, where exaggerated results are shown, this is the biggest mistake. People should look the basic fundamentals, the management, the product range, the launching date, reputation of the promoters before investing in such stocks. All big stocks were Penny Stocks once, but due to efficient management and honest approach of the company became big stocks. Who knows the stock you choose today will become good tomorrow. Before you invest your money in such stock picks, take a guidance of some reputed broker, a good broker will give you right advice, as after all it is the matter of his reputation.